Collaboration for Better Care on the South Coast

Digital care planning

The care industry faces challenges that are complex and bigger than any one organisation.  Collaboration amongst stakeholders is key to better outcomes for the industry as a whole - developing better care for older people, a better work environment for care professionals and a more rewarding business for owners of care service providers.  We’re very proud to have been selected to work with industry stakeholders at the Digital Catapult Brighton and IoTUK Care Clinic event last Friday, 16 September.   

The Care Clinic was an opportunity for care service providers to share best practices and network as well as an opportunity for SMEs to hear first hand about residential care home and domiciliary care service provider challenges and hopefully foster collaboration.  The Clinic was borne out of the significant interest in Tech Beyond The Screen, Positive Ageing event held in June at the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton,

According the Care Quality Commission, there are roughly 93,000 care home beds in the SouthEast.

As a business with an office in Brighton, KareInn feels it’s important to leverage the assets of the area.  According the Care Quality Commission, there are roughly 93,000 care home beds in the SouthEast.  These beds should be viewed as a valuable asset to the region. There is a real opportunity to create a hub of on-going collaboration for innovation to the benefit of local residential care homes and domiciliary care providers as well as the national providers.  The Care Clinic took an important first step in creating this on-going collaboration to improve the quality of life for older people and all the stakeholders across the value chain.

As any good design led innovation approach will incorporate, the clinic created a shared understanding of the daily care challenges.  Service providers shared the issues they experience in delivering their services and solution providers added their independent perspective.  Vic Rayner, the new Executive Director of National Care Forum, added an important national perspective.  Her key message of “learning to dance in the rain” was acute and well-received.  Lots of first hand experience in dealing with issues like leadership, staff recruitment, staff retention were discussed in detail.  

In the end, participants left the event feeling it was a great success.  The challenges discussed will hopefully be followed up in subsequent events in Brighton and other regions.  KareInn will certainly be following up multiple conversations with care home providers, academics, solution providers and care associations to collaborate on the big, complex care industry challenges.