Releasing the KareInn Bot into the wild

With the latest (Build release of KareInn we are excited to announce the release of our KareInn Bot

Robot 3.png

What is a bot anyway!? 

A bot is software that is designed to automate the kinds of tasks you would usually do on your own, like making a dinner reservation, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information.

What does that have to do with care homes?

Our bot constantly monitors every single timeline and provides reminders and alerts for carers if specific needs have not been checked. Neat heh! We have even greater plans for the KareInn Bot in the future to help take the pain out of managing the repetitive tasks that often fall through the cracks in a busy day. It is also the first behaviour change element to the application and I wanted to describe how it works.


The bot reminds carers to check specific aspects of a resident's care. It also allows care home managers to personalise the care that a care receiver is getting. A manager is able to setup a personalised care plan with each need being checked according to a frequency, set on an individualised basis. The alerts are intelligent enough to know that a post is 'due' and when it is overdue. It works out when a post is due by applying a threshold time for each frequency. This means the bot only activates when the post is nearing the time limit. So if someone is always on time with their posts, the bot stays hidden in the background.

Lets take an care planning example

Ethel Smith is 79 and has had a fall in the last 6 months. The manager can perform a 'Falls' needs assessment and ask the bot to ensure that checks for Ethel are made every 4 hours. The bot will now monitor Ethel’s timeline and if a post is due within a specified threshold, the bot will appear on Ethel's timeline to remind the carers. It specifies that a 'Falls' post is required for Ethel and when it is due. If no post is made during this time the bot picks this up and the alert will become 'overdue' with an increase in emphasis on Ethel's timeline. Once a post has been made, the alert automatically disappears and the bot reverts back to monitoring the timeline for Falls posts.


  • The bot allows carers to target their care based on the personalised need requirements of each resident;
  • It allows senior staff to setup plans for a resident with the bot handling the day to day management of ensuring that the right checks are done on the right resident;
  • At a glance monitoring of which resident needs what assistance and where the checks are not being performed;
  • The ability to change the frequency for a given need 'on the fly' with the bot instantly adjusting its behaviour.

We hope you like using the KareInn Bot. Over time we will extend its capability to remove more and more mundane tasks from your daily life, so that you can concentrate on what matters, spending more quality time with your residents.