Our New Feature, The Care Summary

With the latest (Build release of KareInn we are excited to announce the release of our Care Summary

What is a Care Summary?

As part of the feedback that we have received from our pilot care homes, there has been a request that consistently comes up in conversation. Carers want to be able to see a summary of everything that is current for each resident. In a paper care plan, getting a summary of all this information is tough, as a carer has to:

  • Go to the care plan office; then
  • Locate the care plan for each resident; then
  • Find each of their needs assessments (often 15-20 of them); then
  • Read through each one; then
  • Find their daily activities documentation, and read through that

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired just reading that! Getting up to speed for more than one resident is such a painful and time consuming process. All spent away from the residents. And worse still, sometimes not done because of that.

So. We took sometime to research this and came up with the Care Summary. There is one for each resident and the best thing is it doesn’t take any effort on your part to put together. KareInn's digital care planning solution does all the heavy lifting. 

What does it show?

At the top is all the key profile information about the resident. What is important to them; how best to support them; and what others like and admire about them. This helps any carer quickly understand the individual in their care.

Below that are all the latest needs assessments, with their scores. All in one place, updated in real time. So if a senior carer does a needs assessment for someone, their summary is instantly updated, everyone gets up to speed quickly and no one is reading an out of date assessment. This is especially important when someone has had a fall, or another need has changed significantly.

But we didn’t stop there. 

Often a carer needs to check up on multiple people, so we enabled super fast switching between residents. If they check one residents summary, then need to check someone else, they simply use the resident switcher at the top of the summary. In an instant they are taken to the next resident with their latest care summary. Oh and if you need to print the summary out, you can easily do this too. Below is the process for doing that. We check Emma's Care Summary, then use the switcher to quickly jump over to Eric's Care Summary. All done in an instant and with real time data. Neat heh!

In a paper based system this would take considerable time and effort. Using our system, it really is a simple, easy process that can be accessed anytime it is required. Enabling your carers to be up to speed with all the people in their care, all of the time. Saving time compared to a paper process and allowing your carers to spend more time with the people in their care. 

We hope you love using our Care Summary. If you have any feedback on this feature, or want to discuss KareInn in general, please feel free to get in contact.