An innovative platform with a mobile-first approach

KareInn is an innovative platform with a mobile-first approach, intrinsic to day-to-day operations, simple to use, fast to adopt.

KareInn digitally creates and captures individual and home-wide data through our simple, efficient approach. Our platform easily digitises service user records and staff activity, helping care homes achieve greater visibility, better compliance, and improved continuity and safety of care. Care home data informs proprietary insights that help reduce preventable risks and improve quality of life for residents.

A suite of tools to plan, coordinate and support better care with real time insights for better business decisions.



Our resident timeline allows you to see in real time how each of your staff are connecting with your residents. Our newsfeed style feature allows care staff to better coordinate effective care and spot changes in trends earlier.

Our quick toolbox helps to simplify harder to capture information into easy to use images and interactive tools.

Our timeline and toolbox include:

  • Contemporaneous notes recorded at the point of care and time stamped in real time

  • Interactive body mapping

  • Image based quick tools

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 20.30.34.png


All of our assessments are research backed, and have been thoughtfully reinvented to make them easier for your teams to use. No more calculating scores or flicking through pages of guidance notes! 

All Nationally recognised Assessments and Observations are included. Here's a taster:

  • Abbey Pain scale

  • Visual Analogue Pain scale

  • Barthel Index

  • Dehydration Risk Score

  • Falls Risk Assessment Tool

  • MUST

  • Waterlow


Vital sign.png


It's easy to capture vital signs and spot changing trends with our historical data, graphs and alerts.  Track changes over time and ensure timely intervention. 

Vital signs include:

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Blood Glucose

  • Heart Rate

  • Oxygen saturation

  • Respiratory rate

  • Temperature

  • Waist Circumference

  • Weight

  • Height


Care posts added by staff on the floor are automatically grouped under the relevant care need, providing evidence for care plan reviews. Care plans themselves can be reviewed easily with the time, date and staff member automatically recorded. 

Our care plans include:

  • All historical care plan records

  • Trended acuity graphs over time

  • Latest assessment results

  • Most recent care posts

  • Highlighted care posts



Our reports allow you to interrogate data across any date range, allowing you to evidence personal history at an individual level, or track performance and tasks at a group level. We will soon be releasing dynamic dashboards so that you can choose the information most important to you. 

alerts & task management

In addition to our automatic alerts, our task management system allows you to set reminders for each resident, prompting staff on shift to stay on top of key activities and interventions.

Task Management allows you to:

  • Set reminders to review care plans

  • Set a task for any assessment

  • Set a task for any vital sign

  • Set a task for any intervention

  • Set tasks to respond to events e.g. hourly falls observation

Tasks can be set as frequently as every 15 minutes up to 3 years.