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A Founders Story. Eric.

I’m a co-founder of KareInn because I want to make a difference.  When I left university I wanted a meaningful career. I’m 51 now. I’ve done my share of corporate innovation work for GE, KPMG, Lockheed Martin and other big companies. I am not a former carer like my two other co founders but it’s time for me to work that I consider personally and socially redeeming.

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A Founders Story. John.

Mum had early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, which took hold from her late 40’s through to her death at 57. In the years after my dad died, my younger sister and I were her full-time carers, alongside what piecemeal formal care we could afford, or the state would allow, to supplement our efforts.

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FoundersJohn Lanyon
A Founders Story. Alex.

People often ask me why I co founded KareInn. What are my personal motivations for putting myself through the mill of building a tech startup in the care industry? A largely paper based industry that doesn’t have tech startups. It’s fraught with risks, inconsistencies and countless highs and lows. Surely it’s a crazy idea for someone in their 40’s with a wife, two children and a mortgage? And anyway it’s a young person’s game, right?

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FoundersAlexander Kenney