Smart Care.

KareInn delivers smart care management software, helping operations run more smoothly and improving resident health & wellbeing.

Our Digital Care Suite and Go-Digital accreditation programme is used by leading care providers to deliver outstanding care.

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Digital Care Suite

Anyone involved in the care cycle can use KareInn to plan and evidence real-time care, generate meaningful insights, and effectively coordinate high quality outcomes.

Our smart mobile tools and real-time insights help reduce preventable risks, resolve escalated issues and coordinate better care operations.


Ensure consistency

A user-friendly app to record notes, perform clinical assessments, and create support plans at the point of care.

improve resident’s health and wellbeing

Our task management system gives staff prompts and alerts to support the delivery of exceptional care.  More informed, relevant and timely records leads to a more personalised approach to care.


A market-leading Management Insights Dashboard with interactive real-time trends and reports, available for all organisational levels.

MAKE Significant time savings

Quick tools to speed up front-line repetitive tasks.  Gain time back on daily records, care plan reviews, and regional home visits.  Homes feel calmer and more in control.

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Our on-boarding process has been thoughtfully designed to make digital adoption easier for front line teams.

KareInn takes the risk out of going digital with its step-by-step training and accreditation process to help ensure implementation success.

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Fast adoption without sacrificing business performance

Our platform is consistently described as ‘the easiest to use’ on the market.

KareInn is based on the familiar design of social media tools, utilising the skills your care staff already have.

Our accreditation programme ensures your homes go live with a 100% success rate.

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SAFELY convert your paper records to digital

There’s no need to disrupt your home, or spend valuable hours transferring historic records onto our system.

We convert your current records onto our system ready for go live.

Your records never leave your home.

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Updates released monthly to keep you cutting edge

We are committed to the future of care delivery.

We adopt best practice and release regular updates to our platform to the benefit of all clients. You can expect us to release an update every month.


After sitting with a senior carer who showed me how easy it was to carry out a review, I thought to myself “why haven’t we done this before?”

Richard Macintyre, Director of Quality and Innovation, Friends of the Elderly

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