Customer Experience

KareInn is a transformational care planning and recording programme, not just an app. Part of the programme is realised through our end to end project and change management service as standard for all of our clients.  

Cultural change is key, and one of the areas most often overlooked. Moving to a digital service is as much about implementing change as it is about buying a system. This is why our onboarding process has as much emphasis on helping you with the cultural shift as we have the design of our system.

The onboarding process can of course be modified to suit your exact needs but the following gives you a good idea of how we typically support care providers. We will require a pre-implementation meeting to scope your exact plans further which we are experienced in facilitating. 

Onboarding your care settings to the KareInn system is easy. No complicated infrastructure integration is required and care staff can be set up and posting within minutes. Each care home will be assigned a lead contact who will support you from early discussions through to full setup. They will remain on hand once you are up and running to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and you reap the benefit of our partnership

Implementation Planning & Strategy

Implementation Planning & Strategy Meeting


The first key event is the high level key planning and strategy session conducted with key head office staff to build a logistical picture of how KareInn and your team would roll out across all your care homes. 

  • Identification of all key stakeholders
  • Agreement on a rollout strategy (e.g. by region, by type of home)
  • Agreement on a rollout timescale and process
  • Key personnel involvement at each stage
  • High level logistics (e.g. choice of mobile device, transcribing)

Onboarding Each Care Home

Pre Implementation Meeting

Preparation meeting with key members of the care home team

  • It is important that key stakeholders see the coming change as a net benefit to their daily life.
  • We use this meeting to help quantify what you want to achieve from the care-planning and daily recording system
  • We agree key logistical preferences - such as communication, training, key roles & responsibilities and launch dates.
  • We collect the key information required to set the home up on the platform (e.g. care staff names and job titles).

Home Setup on Platform

Using information collected from the pre-implementation meeting, our support team sets up the care home on our platform. A starter pack is put together and sent to the care home. This will include all of the handsets required for your whole site to get going, fully charged, security locked and pre-loaded with all software required. The devices are branded, and so it is clear to all that staff are not simply using their mobile phones during work hours. In addition, they receive support materials including communication material that you can use to begin to communicate to your residents and their families.

Preparation of Care Plans

Take up of our platform works best when care staff are able to see the actual residents that they care for, right from the moment they first sign in. KareInn will set up all of your resident profiles on the system, with the setup of the care plans done in a number of ways.

  • Your senior care staff transcribes each resident care plan
  • You use our optional offsite transcribing service

Training of Senior Staff

Once the care plans are setup, our training team will run training sessions with your nurses / shift leaders & administrators to help them navigate and fine tune the system in advance of the rest of the care staff. Onboarding the senior staff first helps ensure they are confident users well before the Go Live. We will also support your managers and shift leaders to effectively brief staff, residents and family on why you are choosing to go digital and how the KareInn App will fit into their daily life. 

Training of Care Staff & Go Live!

KareInn trainers run confidence training sessions with care staff as per our agreed implementation plan. We make this a ceremonial occasion and bring treats for the staff. Any further one-on-one support that is needed will be given throughout the day.  It is no exaggeration to say that we expect everyone to be fully up to speed on the functionality of the system in just 30 minutes. KareInn will remain on site for the training days to help troubleshoot any issues.

Post Onboarding

During the first 6 weeks of your site going live, your account manager will continue to visit the home on a regular basis, and thereafter will check in every quarter, to ensure that things are continuing to run smoothly and ensure the system is being used to its full potential. This also serves as a good way for the KareInn team to gain valuable insight into additional features and the future development roadmap.

1 Week Revisit

Care home senior staff and our account manager meet to review how the service is running and agree follow up actions. This first visit is especially important as it always allows KareInn to pick up on any early stage issues that can then be put right early on in the digital journey of that home.

2 Week Checkup

Care home senior staff and our account manager meet to review how the service is running and agree follow up actions. 

4 Week Checkup

Care home senior staff and our account manager meet to review how the service is running and agree follow up actions. This meeting can be done remotely.

6 Week Checkup

Care home senior staff and our account manager meet to review how the service is running and agree follow up actions. 

Onboarding Process Complete

Following the 6 week checkup, we would regard the care home to be fully onboarded. From this point the account manager checkups with the home on a quarterly basis and our support service takes over assisting the home on a daily basis.


Ongoing Support

Telephone Support

During working hours we have a dedicated telephone support line for your care staff to utilise for any support they require from us. 

24x7 In App Chat

Within the app we have a 24x7 real time chat facility that allows your care staff to ask questions on functionality, report issues and query how to do something within the system.

Online Tutorials & FAQ’s

We have a set of online tutorials and FAQ’s that cover off many of the commonly used features of our platform. This helps keep support queries down to a minimum and allows care staff to discover the platform in their own time.

Educational Newsletters

Our product team regularly send out newsletters to keep our distributed client base up to speed with features within the platform. They are especially useful in helping new staff get up to speed and help to prepare staff for new features.

Release Digests

The KareInn product and development teams regularly release new features to the platform. Before we do this, we send out release digests to all the senior care home staff to prepare and generate anticipation.

Quarterly Checkups

A KareInn account manager will check in with each home on a quarterly basis to review how our service is running.


Key Personnel

Our team, and how we are setup, is the key ingredient to the success of your customer experience. Outlined below is a high level overview of how we structure ourselves internally to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers.

Head of Customer Experience (CX)

Liaises with your key head office staff to oversee the implementation of the platform across all your homes.

CX Coordinator

Coordinates all our account managers and trainers in the field, organises their schedules and identifies blocks in the implementation process. 

Account Managers

Liaises and supports your care home managers and their respective regional manager through the onboarding process to ongoing support.

Support Team

Our head office team providing day to day support for all your care staff.

Product Team

Manages all the tutorials, FAQ’s and prepares all care staff for new releases to the platform.

Development Team

Designs, builds and manages the code base for the KareInn platform. Works in close collaboration with care staff when designing new features.

Training Team

Trains senior and then care staff on the use of the KareInn platform.

Transcribing Team

External team of transcribers able to digitise a paper based care plan onto our platform.