KareInn is a care planning and daily record system and so much more. We help you utilise technology to ease the burden of evidencing best practice care to the regulators,  retain high quality staff and shift the focus from staying up to date to staying ahead of the curve. 

We have designed our system to capitalize on the data you already gather to support you and your residents with timely insights. 

Why choose KareInn?

We believe there are a number of key advantages of partnering with us;

Fast adoption without sacrificing business performance:

Based on the familiar design of social media tools KareInn was built mobile first and uses the intuitive skills your carers already have. Our app is consistently described as ‘the easiest to use’ on the market, training takes 1 hour and within the first day carer adoption will be at 80% of total usage.

Our Change Management experTISE:

We have extensive experience in driving mass adoption of technology at scale, and bring a wealth of change management expertise to the sector from our work helping the NHS, bank branch networks and government front line to adopt digital programmes.

Our customers REALLY rate us

Or choose to keep us their best kept secret.  We have had strong CQC reviews and have been cited as ones to watch by leading innovation and technology insiders.  Whilst we might never be the finished article by our own ambitious standards, we are safe and effective and on a mission to wow the industry over the coming years. 

KareInn has substantially reduced the burden of form filling and increased care safety.
— Managing Director, Care Home Group

Developed jointly with key members of the care community we have ensured that KareInn works in exactly the way you need it to.  We combine our software and our expertise in digital transformation and change management to support you to deliver high quality care outcomes and close the care loop.