KareInn is an innovative platform with a mobile-first approach. We have designed our system to capitalize on the data you already gather, to provide you with proprietary insights to reduce risk and deliver improved business outcomes.  

KareInn is currently focused on large- and mid-sized care group operators and welcomes conversations with home or business owners of any size. We proudly serve some of the best operators in the business, and we would be honoured to work with you.

Why choose to work with KareInn?

We believe there are a number of key advantages of partnering with us;

Fast adoption without sacrificing business performance

Based on the familiar design of social media tools KareInn was built mobile first and uses the intuitive skills your carers already have. Our platform is consistently described as ‘the easiest to use’ on the market, on-boarding takes as little as 48 hours and clients can be on-boarded on-site. Within the first day care staff adoption will be at 80% of total long term usage.

Our Change Management experTISE

We bring a wealth of change management expertise to the sector from our work helping the NHS, Retail Banking and Government Services adopt digital platforms at the front line.

Our customers REALLY rate us

We have strong CQC reviews and extremely positive customer feedback.

KareInn has substantially reduced the burden of form filling and increased care safety.
— Managing Director, Care Home Group