KareInn helps care providers transform their service; making operations run more smoothly and improving resident health & wellbeing.

Our mobile tools and real-time insights help reduce preventable risks, resolve escalated issues and coordinate better care operations.

Why choose to work with KareInn?

Fast adoption without sacrificing operational performance

KareInn is based on the familiar design of social media tools, therefore utilising the skills your care staff already have. Our platform is consistently described as ‘the easiest to use’ on the market.

Change management expertise

We bring years of care home performance management to the table. Additionally, we bring a wealth of change management expertise to the sector. Our leadership team has overseen major organisational changes from from High Street Banking to Governmental Services helping colleagues to adopt digital platforms at the front line.

Improving together

We are proud to work with some of the leading care providers in the sector. Our partnership model supports us to continuously improve and transform care together.

Innovation and thought leadership

KareInn has unique research partnerships in place with University College London (UCL) and Kings College. Furthermore, we actively partner with leading private and public institutions, including Google, the Alzheimer’s Society, and OOMPH, among others. Our findings are redeployed into improving the KareInn platform.

KareInn has substantially increased care safety reduced the burden of form filling
— Managing Director, Care Home Group