Smart Care

KareInn helps care providers transform their service; making operations run more smoothly and improving resident health & wellbeing. Through reductions in avoidable risks and earlier intervention KareInn delivers a win-win for providers and residents.


Our Platform

Our smart mobile tools and real-time insights help reduce preventable risks, resolve escalated issues and coordinate better care operations.



Real time records and essential task reminders, visible to the whole team ensures nothing gets missed.

improve resident’s heath and wellbeing

More informed, relevant and timely record leads to more a more personalised approach for each of your residents, equating to an improvement in overall health & wellbeing.

fOCUS mANAGERS attention

Real-time management insights, and shortfall reports allow Managers and Regional Directors to focus on areas most urgently requiring attention.

MAKE Significant time savings

Gain time back on daily records, care plan reviews, and regional home visits . Homes feel calmer and more in control.

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The KareInn team worked at our pace, and provided support for staff and managers. After sitting with a senior carer who showed me easy it was to carry out a review, I thought to myself “why haven’t we done this before?”

Richard Macintyre, Director of Quality and Innovation, Friends of the Elderly / Read The Case Study



Working with Us

Established in 2016, we bring years of technology, care home performance and change expertise to the table.

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Fast adoption without sacrificing business performance

KareInn is based on the familiar design of social media tools, utilising the skills your care staff already have.

Our platform is consistently described as ‘the easiest to use’ on the market, which allows us to deliver each training workshop in just 2 hours, ensuring care delivery is not sacrificed.

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PROVEN change Management programme

We bring a wealth of change management expertise to the sector. Our leadership team have overseen major organisational changes from from High Street Banking to Governmental Services helping colleagues to adopt digital platforms at the front line.

Our six week change management programme ensures your homes go live with a 100% success rate.

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Updates released to our platform monthly to keep you cutting edge

We are proud to work with some of the leading care providers in the sector. Our partnership model supports us to continuously improve and transform care together.

Our agile method of delivery allows us adopt best practice and release regular updates to our platform that benefit all clients. You can expect us to release an update every month.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform not just how we record, but also how we deliver care.

Care staff and medical teams will always be the forefront of care, and best placed to look after loved ones. Our intuitive and innovative tools will make their job more efficient, and safer.


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