Working in collaboration will give the best path to success for both you and us. Lean on us when you need to.


You know your carers and residents and what they expect from you. But during the pilot you will sometimes need help with a technical issue, explanation of how something works, or simply clarification on a feature. Ask. We're here to help you during your pilot in the same way we support our live customers. There's no difference to us. We're here to be leant on whenever you need it. 


The best way to get hold of us is to use the live chat messaging system we have on our website and within our app. Wherever you are within the app, you can simply click on our support system and if we are available, we will open a live chat session with you. If we are unavailable, you can still send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.


The support icon is always displayed at the bottom right of the screen.


Once you click on the support icon, you can chat with us or send a message asking for advice.


Here someone is chatting with us about an issue that they are having.

Phone & Email

Once we have established that you want to run a pilot, and would like to speak with us directly, we can also give you our direct contact details. This helps to smooth things along for some people. 

Support with YOUR PILOT evaluation

Last, but by no means least. Our clients often share their pilot goals with us. This allows us to respond by producing metrics that provide evidence as to whether those goals have been met by the pilot. This is a key area of support that takes some of the pressure off you as the champion / key responsible individual. It also helps ensure that the roll out is smooth and with the maximum amount of buy-in by your team.

For example. Metrics could include:

  • Number of posts per resident during the pilot
  • Average time spent making posts by carer by day
  • Number of words posted for a resident

Remember. We are always here to help. If there is something you need, ask, as we should be able to help.