So, you want to run a full pilot of our software. The next question is how? How do you prepare, start, run, evaluate and roll out our technology in your business? Don't worry, we've got that covered.



Running a pilot is actually a fairly simple process. Not as onerous as some might think. We like to break the process down into distinct phases with activities required for each one that ensures that everything moves in the right direction.


Preparation is the foundation of your pilot
— KareInn Team

This phase ensures that all subsequent ones run smoothly. In this phase you will set your goals; work out the organisation for the pilot; who is ultimately responsible; and bring together all the material you need to run the pilot. Preparation is the foundation for your pilot. We hope that you're excited about piloting our app, but just a few small preparatory activities before you get started could make all the difference. If you are a small care home, this preparation could take as little as an hour or so. For the larger care home groups, its an opportunity to align all the stakeholders so that everyone is aware of who is doing what before anyone jumps in.


All the preparation has been done, everything is all lined up, so how do you start the pilot off? A deceptively simple process, but many people overlook it. It's all about communication, coordination, and more communication. Starting a pilot is all about ensuring everyone who needs to know, knows.


Your pilot residents are all setup; the carers all registered; devices charged; and everyone knows how to use the application. Now we need to keep the pilot running. Keep it on the right path. Ensure people's feedback is being listened to. Make sure that everyone is continuing to use the application in the way that you want.

However long you have decided to run the pilot for, keeping it running consistently through the whole process involves listening to your carers and responding in a way that keeps it moving in the direction that you want it to. This phase is all about listening, supporting and responding to issues efficiently.


We want everyone who pilots our application to become a customer. Of course we would. However that's short sighted. We don't want them to just be 'customers', we want customers who love it so much, they want to refer us to their peers. Honestly, the only way to do this is if you evaluate your pilot objectively. If you do this, you will have a clear vision as to why our application works well for your business. This makes it much more likely that you will continue to be a customer for many years to come. So don't overlook this phase, for our sake!


This is the fun part. Seriously. For your pilot residents, if you're happy with your evaluation and using a paper process, just keep going. You're live. Done.

For your other residents and carers, its a matter of planning when you will add them to your account. For small homes, this process is straightforward. For larger care home groups, there is a little more coordination.