The Challenge

KareInn and Constantia’s relationship grew from shared values, central to both of our beliefs is the importance of dignity, confidence and quality of life.  Constantia work hard to embed these values into their day to day actions, and one such example of this is their person-centred care plan that provides a personal touch in every aspect of their client’ care. The care plan gives the care assistant medical history, personal background and memory triggers that allow a meaningful relationship to grow between carer and resident.

Constantia were keen to build from this strong foundation and were quick to see how they could work with KareInn to take their personal care plan to the next level, by using technology to further empower their carers.

Constantia were mindful that to date their care plan had remained largely paper based, and at a time when technology was being leveraged to improve client experiences, they wanted to understand how KareInn could support them to do the same. Constantia wanted to spend more time with residents and less time filling in paperwork.

Collaborating on the Solution

Most carers use technology comfortably in their personal life, be that connecting with friends and family on Facebook or streaming their favourite series on Netflix. However in their professional life, whilst digital care plans aren’t new, digital care plans that are intuitive and require minimal training are, and digital solutions have yet to be embedded as standard across the care industry.

Constantia and KareInn set about fixing this, and formed a collaborative team with an ambition to build a digital care plan that would replicate the ease of social media, allowing a carer to record and share resident interactions as they had happened. The solution had to demonstrate compliance with CQC standards and allow managers to quickly pull of reports with no extra hassle. We also wanted to push our ambitions further and see if we could bring something new to the care plan process, that provided extra advantages to carers and residents.


Constantia Care Homes have been using KareInn for almost a year now and everyone from carers to managers have found it very simple and quick to use, one carer likening it to Facebook.

After using KareInn’s Care Timeline for just a few days, carers commented on improved communications amongst carers. “It’s really nice to see what other caregivers have done for a resident in the timeline.” “If you’ve been off for a few days, it’s easy to get back up to speed with what is happening for our resident.”

Carers have found recording daily interactions with residents helpful, even beyond regulatory needs. On the first day of the pilot launch, carers highlighted the benefit of quick access to residents’ records when two staff noticed immediately that one of the residents had not eaten their meal, it was clearly visible in the timeline that the resident had told carers two different stories. The simple timeline display made this mismatch instantly visible. The carers were able to intervene faster and get to the root cause to resolve the residents issue.

Seeing the volume of entries made by carers was a triumph moment for KareInn but did not compare to the pride of hearing one carer say that “It helps to remind me of why I got into care in the first place.”

“The paperless system has substantially reduced the burden of form filling and increased care safety. The quality of care delivery is enhanced through more person to person time availability. It substantially reduces the incidents of omission through forgetfulness. It provides up to date information in real time and records cannot be manipulated. In addition to increased efficiency, safety and quality improvements, it will help towards controlling payroll costs.”
— Anthony Massouras. Managing Director, Constantia Healthcare
“It helps to remind me of why I got into care in the first place.”
— Carer involved in Kareinn trial for Constantia

Quick Facts

Carers make a post every 3 minutes, round the clock.

Carers have captured 5x more information in comparison to the paper based plan.

Managers have seen a 75% reduction in the amount of time spent preparing and submitting information.



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