The KareInn App features digital resident care timelines at its core.   

It is deceptively simple to use and requires no costly infrastructure and minimal training to get cross functional care teams up and running in no time.   Anyone involved in the care cycle can use KareInn to plan care, record real time resident activity, generate meaningful insights, and effectively co-ordinate high quality care. 

KareInn enables Carers to spend less time on paperwork, giving them on average an hour more time with residents per Carer, per shift and gives home managers better visibility into what’s happening day to day.

KareInn has substantially reduced the burden of form filling and increased care safety.
— Managing Director, Care Home Group

Developed jointly with key members of the care community we have ensured that KareInn works in exactly the way you need it to.  We combine our software and our expertise in digital transformation and change management to support you to deliver high quality care outcomes and close the care loop.  

Our paperless care plan goes beyond digitizing mandatory care standards; it puts residents at the heart and reminds people why they got into care in the first place.


At KareInn we believe that the care industry should demand fundamentally better. 

KareInn was founded because we recognized the disparity that existed between the available technology in the world, and the lack of application of much of his emerging technology within the care industry.  With professional backgrounds in technology and digital transformation we could see the opportunity digital presented to have a real impact in supporting care givers and enable them to do the best possible job.   

We also have very personal reasons for founding KareInn.  If you read our KareInn team stories you will learn that we have experienced first hand how hard caring can be.   Through spending time within the care sector over the past 18 months we also fully appreciate some of the pressures you face with evidencing best practice to the regulators, affording the ever-harder economies and retaining high quality Care staff.

We live in incredible times and as a care innovation company we exist to ensure the care industry is not left behind.   How?  We commit to ensuring you benefit from the latest in available innovation and advances in technology today and far into the future.

It helps to remind me of why I got into care in the first place.
— Residential carer using the KareInn mobile app


KareInn was founded in 2016.  We believe the quality of life for those with dementia can be dramatically improved in our life time and we envision a world where the elderly, in need of professional care spend the rest of their lives in care with confidence and dignity.

Alex Kenney


Alex is a former carer. Prior to KareInn, Alex developed leading healthcare solutions for four London NHS Trusts including Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and King’s College Hospital.

Eric Kihlstrom

Business Development

He started KareInn out of a desire to “make digital matter”. Eric brings 30 years of disruptive innovation in big corporations and start-ups.

John Lanyon


Sits on KareInn's Board of Directors. John is a member of Alzheimer’s Society Research Network, a corporate finance advisor to the care industry and a former carer.

Alice headshot for publications.png



Alice is our Business Development Partner and is passionate about the opportunity digital provides to make a positive impact on care provision for residents and Carers.

As a former carer herself she wants to do everything she can to support and enable high quality care for all



Rachelle is both Partner and champion of the Customer Experience for KareInn. Formerly the Head of Digital for the UKs largest Retail Bank, Rachelle is passionate that the care industry should take advantage of the technology benefitting other sectors.

She feels privileged to spend her time helping to improve the delivery of such vital services.